Power Flushing


Many central heating systems will eventually suffer circulation problems, either from a build up of sludge and scale, or as a result of deposits from internal corrosion common symptoms include excessive noise from the boiler or pump and cold radiators. Problems of this type often show up after alterations to the system or installation of a new boiler or pipe work, and need to be resolved quickly if permanent damage is to be avoided. A power flush will will remove sludge and other deposits and restore the system to efficient operation.

These are the signs that your heating system needs to be treated with a power flush, for further information please contact us.

  • Unusual noise from your boiler or pump (D&E)
  • Boiler cuts out (E)
  • Radiators cold at top/bottom (A)
  • Radiators taking a long time to heat up (A)
  • Reduction in your hot water temperature (C)
  • Sludge or rust present in your central heating system (A&B)
  • Leaks occur from your radiators or other parts of your central heating system 

What is it? Power Flushing is a process by which water with powerful cleansing and descaling agents is pumped through the central heating system at high velocity to dislodge and remove sludge and deposits.

We connect a high powered pump to your heating system. With the aid of chemicals we then pump water at rapid speed through your pipes and radiators to break-down and remove any sludge or scale which has built up in your heating system.

We have been professionally trained by the manufacturer to offer the highest standards and most effective results for every system. We acquire all of our chemicals for the power flush direct from the manufactures to ensure we always leave your system with the best possible results.

To coincide with the power flush we would strongly recommend you install a magnetic filter to act as a permanent secondary defence for your boiler.

To get a free quote or to discuss any problems or faults you are experiencing, please email or call us077804 80008


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